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The ABC’s of a Creative Manifesto

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At some point in your life, you will be presented with the question of “Why?”

“Why are you in business?” “Why don’t you just get a good job and forget about this business thing.” “Why bother with the headache of owning your own business, you probably won’t make it anyway.”

Here’s a glimpse into the personal and business life of a creative and why we must do what we do.

* * * 


You are a creative being. It’s not a title or a monicker. It’s in your bones. Your genes. Your core. Your soul. You create because you can’t help it.


Ideas rain down at the weirdest times and strike at the strangest moments. Strive to be featured in the next episode of Jim Cantore’s “Thought Tsunami.”


All creation is inspiration.


Promptly discover and dwell in your own happy place. Embrace the whimsical, feed your quirkiness. Rinse. Repeat.


It’s okay to feel out of control and chaotic.


Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh at yourself. Create fun and laugh until you tinkle a little in your britches. 


Be a knowledge sponge. Being stagnant only works for icky pond water. Plus it smells bad and attracts disease carrying mosquitoes.


Give it your all. If you can’t then don’t do it. Crap begets crap.


Embrace being sidetracked. It can lead you to the most wonderful of places.


During the journey, you’ll sweat, chaff and eventually fall off the horse. Pick yourself up, pull your undies out of your crack and carry on until the cows come home.


Not all learning comes from a book. Common sense is underrated. This thing called life is DIY. You can teach yourself anything.


It’s messy, invigorating, unorganized, beautiful, crazy, stressful, incredible, (add about a zillion more adjectives here). It’s also meant to be enjoyed to its fullest extent no matter where you are. 


Someone needs to fire up their LoJack and find out where that drummer marching to his own beat went to.


Never miss the opportunity to be someone else’s cheerleader, especially those who’ve lost their pom-poms.


Observe the masses, do the opposite. Look. Rethink. Turn Upside Down. Go With It. 


Let “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” be your motto. Collaboration is key. A rising tide lifts all boats.


Contemplate what Andy Warhol would have told Leonardo da Vinci about his painting technique on the Mona Lisa.


Reassure yourself that it’s okay to take chances.


Choose to not be paralyzed with the possibility of getting it wrong or someone not liking me. You can’t make people like you. It’s impossible. You’ll always have haters.


Take the time to let your creatives juices flow. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

Upside Down

Look. Rethink. Turn Upside Down. Go With It.


Contribute your work to the world by making something new, right now.


There’s no wrong path because it’s the journey that counts. Learn from what it can teach you.


Break open the Cracker Jack box, whip out those x-ray goggles and examine your own “Why.”


Retrain your brain to say “Yes.” Say yes to creativity. Breath it in and let it fill your heart with joy.


Don’t be boring. Let all you create produce Ooooohhh’s and Aaaahhhh’s, no ZZZZZZZ’s.

Colleen Conger is owner and lead pixel alchemist at Digital Photo and Design, LLC. She’s a self-confessed Starbucks addict, font freak and geeky tech girl. Connect with her personally on Facebook and Google+. You can also follow Digital Photo and Design on FacebookGoogle+, PinterestYouTube and Dribbble.