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Benjamin Franklin’s Secret Method for Hiring A Graphic Designer

Ben Franklin Quote About Teaching for Jack and Jill Method of Hiring A Graphic DesignerYou’re familiar with Benjamin Franklin, right?

The mere mention of his name conjures up the history class lesson about Benjamin’s infamous date with a kite, a key and a lightning storm. While his experiment probably wasn’t one of his brightest moments, pressing his luck with electrocution and all, he did prove that lightning did produce electricity. Kudos Mr. Franklin! 

In addition to being one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, Benjamin’s face, in all its green-hand sketched glory, adorns the front of the $100 bill. 

There’s even more to Ben Franklin than meets the eye. He also carries a little known secret when it comes to hiring a graphic designer.

A Jack of All Trades

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was exceptionally talented? He was an accomplished writer under his own name and that of several pen names.

Among his earlier works you can find titles like “Advice to a Friend on Choosing a Mistress” or, my personal favorite, “Fart Proudly.”

Fart Proudly Book by Ben Franklin

Yes, you read that right. “Fart Proudly.”

Not only was Ben a well known author, he was an inventor, political philosopher, printer, scientist, activist, politician, diplomat, musician and satirist.

What made him so great in all these different endeavors? Ben was a polymath.

According to Wikipedia, a polymath is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas.

The one thing that made Ben Franklin such an incredibly gifted man is the secret to hiring a graphic designer. Hire one who’s also a polymath. It’s a smart way to help yourself and your business grow.

Money: The Root of All Evil?

Face it, no one is comfortable talking about money. Especially spending it on something that we feel isn’t worth the price.

We’re going to break the ice and talk about one of the key deciding factors people use when hiring a graphic designer.

They’re too expensive.

I’m certain that some of your friends will tell you to not waste your hard earned money on an overpriced graphic designer. They’ll tell you there’s a gazillion free graphics and templates on the internet ripe for the picking.

Then there are the, “Hey man, just Google it and use one of the pictures that come up.” While this might sound like the easiest solution, it could get you in some big time trouble.

Hiring a Jill of All Trades Graphic Designer

Ben Franklin Quote About Hiring A Graphic Designer with Talents

Hiring a graphic designer who is a generalist, or polymath, is a great opportunity to fill the void.

So what do you get when you hire a polymath like myself as your graphic designer?

  • You’ll have an graphic designer that cares about you and your business, and your bottom line too
  • You get a artisanal graphic designer that can see more than just a logo and a website. I help you see the big picture and how all the pieces of design fit and work together to create a successful business 
  • You’ll benefit not only from my graphic design skills, but from my marketing and advertising knowledge to leverage your image (branding) to increase your bottom line
  • Your input will be incorporated throughout the design process. You’ll have the ability to explain exactly what you want and work directly with me to achieve exactly what you want
  • Last, but not least, hiring me will save you money in the long run by having a one-stop shop to take care of your branding so all your designs match (colors, fonts, images, graphics, etc.)

I wonder what Benjamin Franklin’s life would have been like if he would have specialized in a particular area instead of being a generalist. Better yet, would he have hired a polymath to be his graphic designer?

What say you? Did the cost of a graphic designer prevent you from hiring one? If cost wasn’t an issue, were there other hurdles during the decision making process? Inquiring minds want to know so leave a comment with your insights.

By Colleen Conger. Colleen is owner and lead pixel alchemist at Digital Photo and Design, LLC. She’s a self-confessed Starbucks addict, font freak and geeky tech girl. Connect with her personally on Facebook and Google+. You can also follow Digital Photo and Design on FacebookGoogle+PinterestYouTube and Dribbble.

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